Northwest Brief Therapy Training Center
Olympia, Washington


“Wonderful approach, glad I came.”


“Want more time with Dr. Langer, please come back!”

“Challenges assumptions about treatment most mental health people have.”

“An intriguing approach which I feel is quite useful. The instructor did a great job of communicating it and responding to questions.”

“Thanks! Very interesting presentation.”

“Solid, practical stuff! I’m looking forward to trying it out with my patients.”

“Seeing this therapy added an important dimension to my work. I left feeling hopeful.”

"The presentation was excellent! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and passion."

"Thanks! Your presentation brought much more depth to my understanding of solution-focused therapy."

"I appreciate your time and enthusiasm and answering the many questions we had. I especially liked the role play and your comments on it. Gracias."

"One size doesn't fit all." Great advice! Thanks you for an insightful presentation. Excellent summary at the end. Thank you very much!"

"I enjoyed stepping into your shoes. It was uncomfortable focusing on the positive, but very fulfilling simultaneously. I'll practice. Thank you for your guidance and time."

"I am suddenly very intrigued by this therapy. . . Very useful presentation!"

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