Northwest Brief Therapy Training Center
Olympia, Washington

Solution-Focused Management: The "Alasdair Brief"
Use: Good for rapid handling of day to day challenges by co-workers et al.

Attention-diagnosis-action planning-evaluation planning-go.
  1. When someone comes through the door, often in a state of concern or anger, immediately set aside your current tasks and give them your full attention. (But don’t invite them to sit down.)

  2. Ask for a behavioral description: What happened? Who did what? When does/did it happen? Are we certain that is happening? How do we know? Take brief notes.

  3. What small/first step will show us that the situation is moving in the right direction? What can be done? Who can do it? What is the next step in this situation? (Give space and have people come up with their own ideas first rather than offer advice.)

  4. When do we review this? What do we do to review this?
A brief record of the outcome of the conversation can be added to your initial notes.

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