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Solution-Focused Management

Solution-Focused Management is a powerful, practical, way to achieve positive change with people, teams and organizations. It identifies what is already working and amplifies it to make useful changes. It focuses on what is possible rather than on causes of problems and gets managers to stop doing what isn't working and do something different.

Several principles characterize the approach, including simplicity, cooperation, and an emphasis on strengths, resources and abilities of the organization and it's members. The focus is on interaction between individuals and teams and holds individuals accountable. Possibilities are explored in the past, present and the future. Exceptions and even small changes are used to achieve desired goals. Every case is seen as different and expertise for achieving solutions is located with the person or team that wants to change or improve. Below are links to solution-focused management documents.

Alasdair Brief
Guidelines for Well-formed Goals
Useful Language Skills
Miracle Question
Types of Helping Relationships
Useful Questions
Working Assumptions

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