Northwest Brief Therapy Training Center
Olympia, Washington

Solution-Focused Management: Guidelines for Well-Formed Goals

  1. They are always negotiated in collaboration with the client(s).

  2. They have contextual or situational features.

  3. They are described as including the presence of something and the start of something rather than the end of something.

  4. They include small (as well as possibly) large elements.

  5. They are salient to the client and, through negotiation, salient to the person developing the goals.

  6. They are described in specific, concrete, and behavioral (therefore measurable) terms.

  7. They are described in terms of positive indicators of success rather than as the absence of problems.

  8. They are both realistic and achievable.

  9. (copyright: Brief Family Therapy Center 1992, NWBBTC, 2008)

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