Northwest Brief Therapy Training Center
Olympia, Washington

Solution-Focused Management: Useful Questions

With appreciation, again and again focus on (find out):
  1. What makes sense?

  2. How should things be/what do you want to happen?

  3. What enables?
Effects (progress/results) build on resources (from the past), and derive their sense from something transcendent to them.

Questions about the past (good experiences):

  1. What helped?

  2. How did you do that?

  3. How could you repeat that?

  4. Which part of that could be recycled, and how?

Questions about the past (bad experiences):

  1. So how did you survive?

  2. How did you respond?

  3. How come it wasn’t even worse?

  4. And what was great (useful) about that problem?

  5. What strength did you gain from that bad situation?

Questions about the future (identified goals):
  1. What else is helpful?

  2. Now, who’ll do what, with whom, until when?

  3. What is the first step?

  4. Can we start now?

Questions about the future (what to avoid):
  1. How could that be reversed?

  2. And how can you cope well with the unavoidable?

  3. What should happen instead?

  4. What else?

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